Common Papers in College

What College Papers Should You Expect

Assignments in college come in different formats. In some cases, you might only have a quiz to work on. In other cases, you will have lengthy and demanding tasks on your hands. Students are then expected to be conversant with different sets of requirements. In most cases, your instructor will walk you through the various structures. Alternatively, your faculty will probably have guidebooks for all the relevant papers.

Each paper has its own different objectives. As such, a task is assigned depending on what the teacher wants to evaluate. Regardless, some assessment elements overlap across all papers. First and foremost, in each assignment, the teacher will test your writing skills. Hence, you must then work on how clearly and concisely you express your thoughts and ideas.

Furthermore, most of the papers will test your research skills. Your teacher wants to determine whether you can break down a topic and obtain the relevant information. Additionally, they will also evaluate how credible your sources are. It follows then that your analytical skills might also be examined. The instructor wants to see how well you can filter out the relevant information from the researched content.

In college, you will mainly come across the following types of papers.


Essays are the most common assignments in college, especially for social sciences and humanities students. For this task, the instructor simply wants to evaluate your understanding of a particular topic taught in class. As such, essays are generally focused on a single subject.

An essay has a straightforward structure. It comprises of.

  • An introduction that gives the reader a gist of the subject.
  • The main body where you lay down and expound on the central themes of your paper.
  • A conclusion that summarizes all the thoughts and ideas you have discussed in the text.

Research Papers

Essentially, a research paper is an extended essay. While the standard essay requires you to simply expound on the pertinent topic, a research paper entails formulating your own insight on the subject. As such, you will be expected to put in more effort in writing this assignment.

Nevertheless, writing an excellent research paper might only be as demanding as writing an essay when you are well-versed with the requirements. In fact, proficiency in research papers is built on essays you have written before and the skills you acquired.

Term Papers

On the other hand, you will also be required to write at least one term paper across the entire semester. Such an assignment must capture the knowledge you have acquired throughout the course. In most institutions of higher learning, it contributes a significant amount to your final grade.

Hence, a term paper is lengthier and more demanding than an essay. Therefore, it requires plenty of time and effort. You must then commit yourself to research and writing this assignment accordingly.

In conclusion, it is worth considering that plenty more goes into these college papers. Therefore, it is your prerogative to ensure that you have familiarized yourself appropriately. Read further to find out more.


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